Drone Photography

Drone Photography

What a great way to get a birds eye view of your property or land. we use a 4K drone to get them all important shots either as stills, or as a live recording that you can use for your own purpose, whether it be to help sell your property or just have an overhead photograph of it and the surrounding area.
Here at J.D.S. Jonie will aim to provide you the service that will hopefully obtain the images/footage that you are looking for.

What is drone photography?

Drone photography is using a remote-controlled aerial drone to take still images or video from the air. Piloting an unmanned craft by remote control can be complicated, but the resulting roll of drone-taken images is simply stunning. Here at J.D.S. We pride ourselves on providing a service that we hope meets all your needs and expectations.

In the past, a professional photographer had to hire a plane, helicopter, or glider to take an aerial photograph. However, now that camera and drone technology has decreased in size, a drone can take breathtaking aerial photos and videos. As a result, in recent years, drone photography has become one of the fastest-growing types of professional imagery.

With drones, you can capture landscapes, cityscapes, real estate, and weddings and other events from a whole new perspective. With our services your photos and personal style can be enhanced with this unique bird’s eye perspective. 

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